get_data(datasets, download_dir='')[source]

Download dataset(s).

Files will be stored in an eumap_data subdirectory under the destination download directory. Archives are automatically unpacked. While the files are ultimately stored in the specified directory, the downloader uses the OS default temporary file path for partial downloads before copying (and unpacking if applicable) the complete downloads to the destination. Thus it is required to have sufficient free storage on both the destination drive and the default temporary file drive.

  • datasets (Union[str, list]) – One or more datasets to download. If datasets is 'all', all files will be downloaded.

  • download_dir (str) – Destination path for downloads. If defined as '' (the default) files will be stored in the current working directory.


>>> from eumap.datasets import pilot
>>> datasets = pilot.get_datasets('landcover')
>>> pilot.get_data(datasets)